BIPS was established in the year 2020 and it never saw behind during its journey to the present prestigious institution of its area having up to date modern and sufficient infrastructure needed for running a successful school.

The school was established by KANTA RANI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY duly registered under the relevant provision of law on permanent basis.

The school is managed by the Managing Committee consisting of members having special knowledge in the different fields of the life. The school is provided necessary help and advice from the educationists who happen to be the members of the Managing Committee.

The school stands on a plot of land measuring 7 acres. Very spacious and towering building giving lawns dot the school premises giving soothing effect to the eyes of the students, members of the staff and members visiting the school from different fields of life.

The fee structure of the school is very reasonable. It is increased every year as per requirement of the school in consultation with financial consultant. The fee proposed is approved by the Managing Committee of the school.

Safe, proper and adequate transport facilities for the students are available in the school. Responsible members of the staff are deputed to accompany the students in the buses keeping in view their safety.

Fully trained and experienced teachers form a team of faculty, imparting education to the students through the latest methods prescribed by the CBSE and Education Department.

The root of the progress and evolution of our school is in our commitment to inculcate discipline amongst our students, the sense of ethics and the right code of conduct. We continue to redeem our pledge to provide quality education which will help in the growth of our future generation.

In the nutshell, we feel proud to declare that WE BUILD THOSE, WHO BUILDTHE NATION.

A day is not far when we, already acknowledged as the best school of our area, go further to rise and are likely to be ‘RATED’ as a very leading school among the fraternity of entire schools of Haryana.