“When I see a child’s tiny hands moving computer mouse and eagerness in his eyes to explore the computer’s abilities; or a child listening to the lessons with his eyes wide open and getting involved in the process, my heart filled with a sense of fulfilment. I see young students evolving into strong and responsible humans.”


“At the very outset, it is my proud privilege to greet you with warm wishes and thank the ALMIGHTY. Providing the best education to their ward is the greatest priority for every parent. Selection of an appropriate school for their wards is no more an easy task. BIPS is rightly acknowledged as a leading school in Sonipat, Jhajjar and Rohtak regions serving the very purpose of every parent. We are known for our well-designed curriculum and co-curricular activities integrated with values and discipline. The management and teaching faculty are committed to take care of the children through a holistic manner and emphasizing on the welfare of the students.

Our schools (both BIPS and CSM) are temples of knowledge for today’s generation that focus on preparing them for their future by inculcating life skills including social, emotional and interpersonal skills along with awareness and importance of traditional culture.

I strongly believe in welcoming the changes as per the requirement and demand from time to time. We do not see change as a threat, but as a challenge to build a new system for betterment. Our school has taken a great leap in terms of imparting quality education.

Teachers and students are skilled and thrive in an interactive and information-rich learning environment through enhanced technology. Our devoted faculties as a part of BIPS team are recognized for their commitment and dedicated services towards the nation. I extend my warm regards to all stake holders, the Principal, Staff, Students and Parents and wish them great success in their future endeavours. I look forward to welcoming you to the school".