Remedial Classes

We take care of each and every child and our best endeavour is to help every child to perform better. When a student is not doing well at a subject, additional steps are taken so as to improve the student’s performance. Such student may be sent to a class that aims at teaching basic concepts or the student may be provided additional sessions in the zero period so that the student gets extra help and push to do better. It helps in developing better study habits among children. Like a remedy, the remedial classes are dedicated to improve students in specific subject that they are struggling with.

In order to provide additional support in English, Mathematics and Science, BIPS conduct remedial classes for one hour after the school is over. The heterogeneity among students makes it inevitable to give individual attention to the students during the regular class. So the after-school remedial classes help in overcoming this handicapas special attention is laid upon each and every student in the remedial class and thus improving their basic concepts of each subject.

In order to improve the proficiency of students in English Language, special English Grammar Class of one hour is conducted in the zero period. These classes help the students to have a better knowledge of basic concepts of Grammar such as nouns, verbs, tenses etc.

To improve the reading, writing and listening skills of students, special remedy classes are conducted and more emphasis is given on the students who are struggling with poor reading and writing.